Home Made Herbal Bathing Powder Preparation

Home Made Herbal Bathing Powder Preparation

Herbal Bathing Powder Preparation

"Anga" means body, "Raga" means brightening, and "Lepa" means external application. This includes face brightener and was formulated by the great Sushruta, Father of Surgery.

Herbal Ingredients
Hareetaki fine powder (harda)
Neem leaves fine powder
Mango tree bark fine powder
Dadima flowers powder (dry)
Jasmine leaves powder

Herbal Bathing Powder Preparation
Mix all the fine powders in equal quantity and prepare fine paste by adding the required quantity of pure rose water.

Apply this freshly prepared paste on the body, face and neck and massage gently for 10 minutes before having lukewarm water bath. Use the paste in place of soap.

Herbal Bathing Deodorant Powder Preparation

Nut grass Herbal Bathing Powder 

Mix 50 grams of nut grass tubers with 500 grams of whole green gram flour. Mix well and keep in a good plastic container. Prepare paste by adding a little water to 10 grams of the bath powder and rub all over the body just like soap. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse away. Avoid soap. 

Regular bath with the powder helps prevent skin cracks and fungal infections. It also prevents bad body odour meanwhile maintaining the lustre and smoothness of the skin.

Amla Herbal Deodorant Powder

Take dried amla fruit, dried khus grass in equal parts, and grind them into fine powder and add green gram flour.

How to Use

The powder can be used as bath powder. Add 2 tsp to a bucket full of water, mix well and use as bath water. It removes bad body odor and brings freshness.

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