Facial treatment at home using homemade natural face masks

 Facial treatment at home using homemade natural face masks

Facial Treatment with Natural Face Masks

At home face mask for facial treatment. See the change after using the following inexpensive face mask twice a week.

Natural MAYONNAISE face mask Recipe:
First you have to apply whole egg mayonnaise on your face right from the jar and keep it for 20 minutes and then you have to rinse with cold water.

PEACH & BRANDY facial treatment mask Tips:
You have to mash up a ripe, canned or frozen peach and mix in a tablespoon of brandy. After leaving it for 20 minutes you just have to rinse off.

TOMATO MASK for facial treatment:
If you have oily skin you have to use a tomato mask. First, you mash up a ripe tomato and after applying it to your face wait for 15-20 minutes to dry up .Then you can rinse with warm and hot water.

BANANA MASH facial mask for natural treatment:
For Banana Mash first you have to mash a very ripe banana. You can add enough honey to make a soft pulp. Then you have to apply it to your face.


Facial treatment using homemade HONEY Face MASK Recipes:
Honey mask can be prepared by applying pure honey straight from the bottle to your face and neck. After 15 minutes you just rinse with very warm water.

MILK OF MAGNESIA Natural face mask Recipes:
  Milk of Magnesia has to be applied straight from the bottle. Next you wait to dry for 5-10 minutes. Then after rinsing off with warm water you just have to pat your face gently with a fluffy towel to make it dry.

Homemade PEPTO BISMOL Mask Facial skin treatment:
People having  sensitive skin must use Pepto Bismol as it coats the stomach and caresses the face. By using a cotton swab you have to apply it straight from the bottle, after giving some time to dry, you have to have to rinse with cold water.

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